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Lonesome Frail and Blue



JL Broken final Cover for web.jpg


CD - £10

‘BROKEN’ is Jimmy Lee’s debut album featuring 14 original tracks. The material has a Folky/Bluesy/Country vibe.
You can hear Jimmy's influences through the songs that are reminiscent of early works by singer-songwriters such as Donovan, Jim Croce, Cat Stevens, Cohen and Dylan.

While some songs are the bare-boned "three chords and the truth", featuring only Jimmy on his acoustic guitar and harmonica, the album also features three highly sought-after musicians.

The album was recorded and mastered by Nicholas Dover at Canyon Sound Studios in Bristol. 




JL Broken final Cover for web.jpg

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JL Broken final Cover for web.jpg

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Lonesome Frail and Blue


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Concert Monkey Review


The album opens with the bluesy 'Lonesome Frail And Blue'. It is an attractive song with a slow rhythm. Jimmy Lee has a warm and full voice and brings the song in a very relaxed way. He is not only responsible for the vocals. Jimmy also takes care of the drums, percussion, acoustic guitar and the harmonica. Instrumentally he knows how to charm with his handsome harmonica solo. Graham J. Nicholls eagerly scatters the entire song with very fine and beautiful slide riffs. The excellent finger work on the acoustic guitars of Jimmy Lee and Graham J. Nicholls provide the perfect accompaniment for the wonderful 'Broken'. There is a bit more rhythm in the album with the flowing, country-tinged 'Shadows On The Past'.

There is melancholy in Jimmy's voice when he sings about his absent friend in "Absent Friend." After that it gets much happier with 'Old No.7 Blues'. Joe Allen has an excellent presence on the double bass again and Jimmy Lee's ukulele enhances the cheerful feeling even more. In 'Cane Of Shining Silver', 'Torn In The Middle', 'Faded Torn Dream' and 'Ghost In Blue Jeans' the talents of Jimmy Lee as a modern troubadour and great storyteller come into their own. The excellent slide work of Graham J. Nicholls creates the spooky atmosphere in the 'Ghost In Blue Jeans'. The opener 'Lonesome Frail And Blue', 'Cosmic Wheels' and 'Ghost In Blue Jeans' are the highlights on this album. Jimmy Lee sings the love song 'Donnas Song'

In 'Truth Be Told' the rhythm rises again and this album needs that. It is a song that would have fitted perfectly in the repertoire of the young Bob Dylan, only we get to hear a better voice here. A pleasantly whistling Jimmy Lee gives an extra touch to the carefree 'Easy Way Out'. Jimmy Lee proves once again that he is a very good songwriter and singer with the beautiful 'Cosmic Wheels'. The album closes with '3/4 th's Drunk'. Jimmy Lee's debut album 'Broken' is a mix of folk, blues and country. The album showcases Jimmy's lyrical skill and masterful ability to tell a story in song. Jimmy gives us a gentle introduction to his personal view of a world of goodbyes and reflections, good memories and broken relationships. The songs range from heartbreaking stories of loss and desire to life-seeking journeys. 'Broken' is a pleasant listening album by a modern troubadour.  


Walter Vanheuckelom

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Jelli Records Review 

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